Approaching Religious Symbols in the Public Space: Contemporary Art and Museums as Places of Negotiation?

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Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati


This essay responds to Sigrid Schade’s contribution by outlining the multilayered meaning-making processes deployed by the use of religious symbolism in visual culture.
Referring in a concise way to a selected example of contemporary art, it drafts possible methodological approaches to a challenging field of research.

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Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati, Center for Religion, Economy and Politics, University of Zurich

Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati is a professor in the Study of Religion at the University of Zurich in Switzerland and at the Center for Religion, Economy and Politics (ZRWP). The interaction between religion and media, as well as the role of religion in the public sphere, encompass her main research interests. Furthermore, she works on space- and gender-critical approaches to religion and methods and theories of the Study of Religion with a focus on Ancient and European traditions.