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Data Protection Policy

JRFM supports a strict open access policy. All public content is available without registering. However, if a user submits a papers or reviews, or if a user provides a peer review, he/she has to register. Registration enables the users to submit contributions, act as editors, peer reviewers and advisors (if applicable) and to receive notifications from JRFM about important news. The login data can be disabled in the user profile at any time, or the cancellation can provided from the JRFM office manager, if requested by a user.

For registering, name, surname and a valid e-mail address are compulsorily requested. All other data are optional.
All personal data are considered strictly confidential and are only used for the purpose of producing the journal. Under no circumstances will JRFM pass personal data to third parties with the exception of legal authorities according to legal requirements.
The users are entitled to request the immediate and permanent deletion of their data at any time.

In the unlikely case of a security breach the organisation will immediately assess potential risks and report to the security authorities. The users will be informed if appropriate.

JRFM Manager
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