Religion and Communication Spaces

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Roger Odin


Following the reflection initiated in his book The Spaces of Communication, Roger Odin suggests a new distinction between physical communication spaces and mental communication spaces (spaces that we have inside us). The suggestion is exemplified by three film analyses dedicated to the relationships between religion and communication.

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Roger Odin

Roger Odin is professor emeritus of Communication at Paris 3 University (Sorbonne Nouvelle), where he was the head of the Film and Audiovisual Institute from 1983 until 2003. Theorist of the semio-pragmatic approach (Cinéma et production de sens, 1990; De la fiction, 2000; Les espaces de communication, 2011), he directed a research group examining film documentaries (L’âge d’or du cinéma documentaire. Europe années 50, 1997) and initiated research into home movies and amateur films (Le film de famille, 1995; Le cinéma en amateur, 1999). Today, he is interested in the mobile phone (Il cinema nell’epoca del videofonino, 2011; Téléphone mobile et création, in collaboration with L. Allard et L. Creton, 2014).


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