Book Review: Wendy I. Zierler, Movies and Midrash Popular Film and Jewish Religious Conversation. Foreword by Eugene B. Borowitz. Albany: State University of New York, 2017, xiii + 309 pp., ISBN 978-1-4384-6615-6.

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Stefanie Knauss

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Stefanie Knauss, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, Villanova University

Stefanie Knauss studied theology and English language and literature at Freiburg University (Germany) and Manchester University (UK). She is now an Associate Professor of Theology and Culture at Villanova University (USA). Her research focuses on theology and culture, body and religion, and gender/queer studies and theology. Recent publications: More than a Provocation: Sexuality, Media and Theology (Göttingen, 2014); Commun(icat)ing Bodies: Body as a Medium in Religious Symbol Systems (edited with Anna-K. Höpflinger and Alexander Ornella; Zurich/London, 2014/2015).