Film Review: IRAQI ODYSSEY (Samir, IQ 2014)

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Marie-Therese Mäder

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Marie-Therese Mäder, Center for Religion, Economy and Politics, University of Zurich

Marie-Therese Mäder is a scholar in the study of religion with a specialization in the field of media and religion. Currently, she holds a position as a teaching and research associate at the Center for Religion, Economy and Politics (University of Zürich), is a visiting scholar at the Comparative Media Studies Department (MIT/Cambridge), and is a member of the Media and Religion research group in the Faculty of Theology (University of Zürich). Her current research focuses on the interaction between religious communities and audio/visual media and the internet, the interface between documentaries and religion, the adaption of the passion story in culture through the lens of film history, the role of religion in migration and identity processes, and images of religion as social practices.