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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2023): Paradise Lost. Presentation of Nostalgic Longing in Digital Games

SKOOL DAZE: A Plea for Dissentience

August 28, 2021


The historic sandbox computer game SKOOL DAZE, released by Microsphere for ZX Spectrum in 1984, is analyzed in the context of its importance for the game development industry, with conceptual parallels extended into the domains of natural science and arts. The ability to accomplish the game only by displaying rebelliousness in an inherently cruel academic system is connected with a similar principle applying to innovation in science and art. Both science and art are exercises in imagination that require mischievous playfulness, a point that is intrinsic to SKOOL DAZE. The article also makes the case for
this game as a potential source of inspiration for the creation of conceptual art or science when viewed in a historical context. A sense of nostalgia about the early days of computer games pervades the paper, which ends on a confessional but high-spirited note.