Interlude. "But are as the angels which are in heaven" (Mark 12:25) Reimagining a Gender-Ambiguous Heaven in Dorian Electra’s ADAM & STEVE

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Yannick Schlote


The American singer and songwriter Dorian Electra is a queer phenomenon. Their dandy appearance – the latest album is called Flamboyant (2017) – goes hand in hand with the criticism of toxic masculinity and gender binarism. One of their latest tracks, called "Adam and Steve", is a gay retelling of the Genesis story. It turns on the derogative phrase: It‘s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve that is used to imply an irreconcilable disparity between Christianity and gay love, i.e. queerness in general ...

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Yannick Schlote, Ludwig-Maximilans-University Munich

Yannick Schlote studied protestant theology in Berlin und Munich. He is working as an academic assistant at the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of Munich (LMU). His research focuses on theological and ethical aspects of digitalisation, specifically on narratives concerning artificial intelligence. Furthermore he is interested in popular culture.