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Call for Papers

Vol. 4 No. 2 (2018): "Who, Being Loved, Is Poor?" Material and Media Dimensions of Weddings

Call for Papers 2020, 6/1

November 3, 2018


The 2020, 06/01 issue will deal with Science Fiction and Religion.

Even more than other film genres, science fiction movies confront viewers with societal problems and make experimentation with other models possible. Science fiction can thus be connected to explorations of religion, faith, and belief.
Does a machine (a robot, a computer, an android, or a ship) have a soul? What about the concepts of determinism and free will, the bounds between faith, magic, and experimentation? How do films deal with God and the figure of the saviour, or with prophets, priests, imams, and rabbis? How can ideas of time travel and the afterlife be linked with religious beliefs? How can science be related to faith? What about notions of the future? Why are angels and demons and concepts of good and evil (related to theodicy) so popular in science fiction
movies? What is the significance of fictional forms of religion and what is their link to theocracies and dystopian universes?