Films are often used as a medium in teaching religion, theology and ethics in the context of higher education: images, sounds, stories, movement, emotions attract students to a subject that might appear abstract or unfamiliar and removed from their everyday reality. But how do we use films to teach religion, theology and ethics? What pedagogical challenges does the medium of the short film pose, and what possibilities does it offer? What tools or methods do we employ when teaching religion, theology and ethics through short films? What opportunities does working with film offer for teaching critical media literacy in addition to religious, theological and ethical competency? These are some of the questions that the authors of the pre-organized thematic section of JRFM 8/2 (2022) pose as they reflect on their use of short films in the religion/theology/ethics classroom. In addition to this pre-arranged thematic section, we invite submissions to the open section of the issue on any topic suitable to the profile of our journal. In order to be considered for publication in the issue 8/2, articles should be submitted for review by February 28, 2022. For any questions about the issue 8/2 (2022), please contact Dr. Marie-Therese M├Ąder ( or Dr. Stefanie Knauss (